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reusable linen furoshiki wrap

reusable linen furoshiki wrap

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Furoshiki is a way of tying fabric to wrap up a gift or transport an array of items. The idea originated in Japan around 710 B.C. And in recent years, has become popular because of its versatile, environmentally-friendly way to carry bottles, food, and everyday necessities, and has also become a modern alternative to holiday gift-wrapping. It is also commonly still used by Japanese schoolchildren to carry bento boxes. These linen versions are a great neutral option that will allow them to be reused over and over again as a gift wrap for any holiday, with or without extra adornment! While traditional fuorshiki wraps require a little skill to wrap, these come stitched up and ready to go - simply set your item inside and knot the ties on top!

Available in 2 sizes...choose your perfect size from the options above. Or, purchase multiple sizes to have on hand for all your wrapping needs!

  • Made of 100% European linen 
  • Medium measures approx. 12" at the base. Large measures approx. 14 1/2" at the base. Item placed inside could be approx. as long as the base measurement. Or if your item is square, the item can be about half the length of the base so the wrap has enough slack to go in both directions.  
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
  • Furoshiki wraps are sold individually.

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