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MT Brand flower print tape roll

MT Brand flower print tape roll

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Kamoi Kakoshi was founded nearly 90 years ago in Okayama, Japan. This is their world famous and completely original MT Brand rice paper masking tape. To seal a note, decorate a gift, in an album, anywhere for a bit of color! The tape is easy to reposition and tear by hand and is transparent (but not too much) so one or multiple colors and prints can be layered over each other for great effect. This amazing tape can also be written on for a quick note or label! Available in two colors...choose your perfect color from the options above.

  • Rolls are sold individually.
  • Each roll measures 15 mm (about 1/2") wide x 10 m (about 11 yards) long.

For inspiration on how to use your new washi tape, visit...

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