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Japanese ash wood twig pestles with leather loop

Japanese ash wood twig pestles with leather loop

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These high quality pestles are made from natural Japanese prickly ash wood and have a leather hanging loop. The entire process of making the pestles is done by hand, from cutting the trees to the finished product! Prickly ash takes a long time to grow, which makes the tree hard and excellent for abrasion.

Available in 4 sizes...choose your perfect size from the options above. Or, purchase multiples to have the right one ready no matter what your are grinding!

  • The 4" pestle is approx. 5/8" diameter w/ a 3" hanging loop.
  • The 6 3/4" pestle is approx. 7/8" diameter w/ a 3 1/2" hanging loop.
  • The 9 1/2" pestle is approx. 1" in diameter w/ a 4 1/4" hanging loop.
  • The 12" pestle is approx. 1 1/2" diameter w/ a 4 1/2" hanging loop.
  • Since these are made from natural wood, there can be a slight differentiation in size.
  • Hand wash and dry immediately, taking care to not get the leather loop wet.
  • Do not microwave, put in the dishwasher, or get near an open flame.
  • Made in Japan.

The appropriate length of a pestle is approx. twice the diameter of the mortar you are pairing it with, however, can vary depending on what you are crushing.

Pair with our many styles and sizes of mortars!

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