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antique silver spoon - hanging branch

antique silver spoon - hanging branch

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We've scoured the best antique markets for silver cutlery perfect for adding a special touch to your next gathering. Or, for using every day for a mix and match look. Silver utensils are also the perfect addition as props in food photography.

  • Vintage silverplate will last for many years to come if treated with care. Hand wash your spoon shortly after using for the best results. If using a dishwasher, use a detergent that is chlorine and phosphate free.
  • We love silverplate in its antique state, but the silver can easily be polished if desired.
  • Spoons are sold individually.
  • Because each spoon is antique and therefore unique, only one of each is available. 
  • Spoon measures approx. 6 1/8" long and is 1 1/4" at the widest part.

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