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antique silver condiment server - linear fork

antique silver condiment server - linear fork

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We've scoured the best antique markets for silver condiment servers perfect for scooping out relish, poking olives, or whatever needs dishing up at your next gathering. Silver serving utensils are also the perfect addition as props in food photography.

  • Vintage silverplate will last for many years to come if treated with care. Hand wash your condiment server shortly after using for the best results. If using a dishwasher, use a detergent that is chlorine and phosphate free.
  • We love silverplate in its antique state, but the silver can easily be polished if desired.
  • Condiment servers are sold individually.
  • Because each condiment server is antique and therefore unique, only one of each is available. 
  • Condiment server measures approx. 7 3/8" long and is 7/8" at the widest part.

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