pink colored round paper doilies

25 pink circle paper doilies

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Delicate pink doilies are absolutely gorgeous used as accents for parties, wedding, and everyday! Doilies can be used traditionally underneath plates and serving dishes, but also consider their many other uses...

- fold in half and pair with bakers twine to create a modern garland

- fold to make envelopes or place cards

- bunch together to make flowers or a cuff for a bouquet

- roll or fold into vessels for favors or small gifts

  • Paper doilies are sold in packs of 25.
  • Doilies are colored paper with a smooth finish.
  • Doilies come in two sizes - 5" and 10"...Choose your perfect size from the options above.
  • These paper doilies have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Get them before they're gone!

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